Property Purchaser’s Information
You really want to acquire data from the vender with duplicates of the accompanying records: Duplicate of Kartu Tanda Penduduk (So called "KTP"). On the off chance that the land owner is hitched, you really want to acquire a duplicate of the mate's KTP as well. Chances are, the mate will likewise be needed to sign the deal and buy concurrence with you. Assuming they have no prenuptial understanding, it implies the property you are purchasing is their conjugal resource, and in this manner spousal assent is legally required. In any case, the exchange you're endeavoring is possibly unlawful; Family card (purported Kartu Keluarga/KK). This report shows relatives of the vender; Marriage testament, if appropriate. In the occasion, the companion died, you really want to get his/her passing authentication. In the occasion the vender is separated, you want to get his/her separation decision with the division of property - ensuring the property being sold is hers or his; Unique of authentication of land proprietorship; PBB charge installment, called SPPT PBB. This addresses installment of the current of building and land charge. This archive is significant to recognize the duty appropriate for the exchange. You will discover how much the merchant should pay, and how much assessment you should pay as the purchaser. Dealer's citizen number, alleged "NPWP." Cari Properti Assuming you're purchasing the property, you really want to ensure you have the accompanying reports accessible for the exchange: Duplicate of KTP. Assuming you're hitched, you want to supply your life partner's KTP as well. Except if, you consented to a conjugal arrangement, similar to a legitimate prenuptial or postnuptial understanding. If it's not too much trouble, contact Asep Wijaya for additional insights concerning these reports. On the off chance that you're a blended hitched global couple, probably you can't execute any exchange without this understanding; Family card. This would likewise be needed to recognize your lawful closest relative. This record has the data on your Nomor Induk Kependudukan/NIK (Residency Registration Number) that will allude to your duty data. This is vital when we approve charge relevant to this exchange; Marriage testament. We really want to know your status, and how the state will treat the property under the current status, i.e., separate property or joint property. This authentication should accompany the conjugal arrangement, if pertinent; NPWP. They need a duplicate of your citizen number to approve the assessment material to this exchange. Deal and Purchase Agreement Your goal to direct a deal and buy exchange should be written as an understanding. It's known as a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Both the dealer and the purchaser should be available to sign the SPA. You should accompany your companion assuming you're hitched. A substantial report like a conjugal arrangement should be introduced also in the occasion you have a partition of property in your marriage. A prenup or postnuptial can fill in as the archive that you need with no help from your companion. With this record, your companion doesn't need to accompany you to sign the SPA. A substantial SPA should be held up at the land library office to move the title from the dealer to the purchaser. One thing you should know about is installment of the current year's tax collection should be settled before the title is being moved. An expense approval will be completed before the title move is directed.

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